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What can you say about a beach, a beach house, and a big deck and some chairs.

1900 Galveston Historic homes had decks everywhere - Historic GalvestonPeople have been coming to Galveston since the early 1800's. In fact Galveston was for a time the capital of the Republic of Texas. Galveston became a social hub up until the great 1900 hurricane which decimated the area. The point is that Galveston is no stranger to storms, bad weather, and re-birth.

Our family has been building beach houses from Surfside, Jamaica Beach Galveston Island, Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Gilcrest, and even into High Island since the early 1970's and we have the experience and expertise to build your beach house deck or your entire beach house.

Replace Deck Boards

Replace the deck boards or stair treads - Jamaica Beach Texas
Your deck is constantly exposed to the rain and UV rays of the harsh Galveston sun. The boards on your deck take most of the punishment and usually are the first that need to be screwed back down or replaced.

Galveston Deck Builder

We can build a wood deck over looking the beach in Crystal BeachUnlike the mainland The Texas Gulf Coast has a very different set of guidelines when it comes to construction. We have many years of experience building on the beach. Choose us and be rest assured that your new beach house or wooden deck will meet all local building codes and will last for many years and survive the worst of storms.

Deck Cleaning

A platform deck or patio deck makes a great option for the back yard.One thing you can count on without fail is that the seagulls will target your deck. Beyond just the seagulls the salt air and direct sunlight can cause your deck to crack, split, and warp. Regular cleaning, staining, and water treatments will keep your investment looking good for many years to come.

Deck Construction

When you are looking for a quality deck construction company in Galveston you should consider if they are long term locals or imports that never left after Hurricane IKE. A lot of people came from all over the country to cash in on the destruction and rebuilding boom. The really bad thing is that building in Kansas is nothing like building in Galveston, Crystal Beach, Jamaica Beach, or Surfside. Our family are life long residents of the Texas Gulf Coast.