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Decks and Handrails are common repair items on a Deck.

Are you looking for an elegant wooden deck for your custom beach house on Galveston Island?The deck boards are the centerpiece of the deck. There are many options when choosing a deck board. You can have us use 2x6 lumber or pre-cut 5/4 board that has rounded edges. We can even round over the edges on 2x6 board so you get the look of 5/4 board but the strength and longevity of a 2x6. Call us and let's talk about the choices and options.

Types of Decking

What types of decking is avaiilable.
Decking material on the Texas Gulf Coast is mostly either pressure treated pine or western red cedar. There are other choices available as well such as composites, exotics, and aluminum.


We can replace your rotten or broken handrails on your beach house.The handrails become warped and splintered and usually need to be replaced the same the deck boards do. To extend the life of your hand rails it is vital to stain and seal them.