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For three generations our family has been building decks on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Want an outdoor oasis, try a deck & patio with a pergola and bench seating.Building a wood deck on Galveston Island is more technical in the fact that when building on the Texas Gulf Coast there are additional building codes that need to be followed as compared to Houston or even Clear Lake. We have been building beach homes and elevated wood decks from Bolivar Peninusula to Surfside Beach for three generations of our family. We know how to get your deck built on time and get it to pass inspection.

Wood Deck Cleaning

Does your deck have mildew growing all over it?  We can pressure wash clean, stain, and seal your wooden deck.
Even a simple deck needs to be maintained. Call us to inspect your existing deck to make sure that it is safe. While we are out consider having us clean your deck it passes inspection and no deck repairs are needed. We will pressure wash, brighten, stain, and seal your deck to protect it from the salty air.

Deck Construction Company

We have been professionally building decks on the Gulf Coast since the early 1970'sWe are a full fledged beach house construction company. We are often referred to as The Galveston Deck Construction Company by our customers because we are always building, repairing, or cleaning decks on Galveston Island, Jamaica Beach, Crystal Beach and Surfside Beach.

Deck Design

Need Help Designing your wood deck at your Galveston Beach HouseThe really great thing about working with wood is the ability to use it to fit just about any design idea you may have for your deck on your beach home in Galveston. We can build decks of any size and shape. The designs can range from a simple 8'x8' deck for a chair and a table to a 1200 sq' masterpiece. You come up with the design and we will build it safe and make it look good while at the same time meet or beat existing Galveston County building codes.

Wood Deck Repairs

We fix wood decks
Most of the jobs we get are to replace a deck or repair a deck. Some of the more common repairs are replacing rotten wood deck boards, unsafe stairs, and handrails. If any part of your deck seems to be unsafe please call us we would hate to see anyone get hurt because you are unaware of dangers that are unseen.