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A new wood deck looks great. A professional cleaned wood deck looks great at a quarter of the cost.

Save yourself  a lot of money by allowing us to inspect, repair, and clean your wood deckWe professionally cleaned deck caught early before major wood damage sets in can be restored to a new or better than new look if stained and sealed also.

The wood deck cleaning process

Preparing the work area: We begin by removing everything off the deck and covering any plants and vegetation near or under the deck. If you have any personal artifacts on the walls, handrails, or hanging from a covered patio or pergola you should remove those and store them in a safe place until the cleaning and other restoration services are complete.

Deck Inspection: At this point we will do yet another round of deck inspection just to make sure there are not any areas of the deck that need repaired for safety or beauty. If any safety issues are spotted we will highly recommend that they be repaired before we continue. If you choose to have us to continue with the cleaning we will upon your written consent.

Pressure washing the wood deck: We will perform a quick test of your wood to find a safe setting of pressure and concentration of the water stream to power wash your deck with. Cleaning your deck with pressurized water in the most effective way to remove the upper layer of organic mater such as bird poo, food droppings, oil, mildew, fungus, and more. A typical cleaning is all exposed surface areas such as handrails, stairs, and deck boards. If you wish cleaning the under side of the deck its possible in most cases but not in the case of decks lower than three feet high.

Brightening the deck: Just after pressure washing the deck we can if you wish us to apply a mild cleaning agent that will neutralize the PH of the wood and even out the color of the wood while at the same time opening up the pores of the wood to accept the stain and/or wood protector (*It's common that a deck stain is both a stain and sealer in the same product.)

Stain & Sealing the deck: The deck staining and sealing process is most often a single step process. Depending on the type of final look you are looking for will determine the way we go about staining and sealing your deck. The end result you will have a beautifully stained and sealed deck that will be protected from the weather and impress your friends and family.

Project clean up: The final step after the stain and wood seal product has had sufficient time to dry and cure we clean up and help you restore your deck by putting the chairs and BBQ pit back in their proper locations. Now you can go about decorating your newly restored deck and entertaining.

Galveston Deck Construction

We are a Galveston County deck construction company specializing on elevated beach house decks.
With many years of experience building decks (more specifically wood decks that are elevated on Galveston County Beach Houses) we are very qualified to deliver what you are looking for. All our decks will pass local building codes and look good while doing just that.

Wood Deck Designs

Do you need help designing your new wood deck?The nature of working with wood is that it is so easy to work with for a knowledgeable and skilled craftsman. With the correct understanding about local building codes, engineering principals about stress loads, and a keen eye for design almost anything is possible when designing a wood deck.

Wooden Deck Repair

It is very important to inspect your deck every season for obvious problems and repair them yourself or hire a contractor like ourselves if you need to. It's also very important to have your deck inspected every two or three years depending on your assessment of its over all condition and get structural repairs done immediately and done properly by a professional. Regular care and maintenance equals a safe deck.

Wood Deck Staining

We can give your deck a new appearance with a new stain
To give your deck a uniform color to match your trim on your home or just because you like a certain look make sure to ask us about staining your deck. If it is an older deck it may need to be cleaned first and followed up with a good wood sealing product to protect it. There are many opaque colors, translucent, and natural wood stains that can give you the look you desire.