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Do you need a wood deck constructed on your Galveston Island Beach House?

As Galveson's number one deck construction company it is our goal to give your the best possible service.A new wood deck will transform your house into a vacation beach house. It is such a pleasure to spend your time on an elevated wood deck facing the Gulf of Mexico and basking in the warm sun and the cool breeze. Let us help you experience a better way of life and build you a new wood deck.

After we build your new deck you have options available such as having us build benches, planter boxes, fix Pergolas or covers. In addition don't forget that we can stain and seal your new deck also.

We Can Help you Design Your Deck

We can help you design your new deck in Galveston.
Good design for a beach house deck has to include a few benches and a place to BBQ. To really spice up your wood deck design have us build you a nice large picnic table to sit on your deck for those sunset meals in the cool breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico.

Deck Repairs

It's very important to repair broken or rotten boards as you find them.The wood on your deck will begin to rot at some point. When your deck begins to rot it becomes unsafe and could lead to serious injuries or death to you, your family, or your guest. Don't wait until its to late to protect your inner circle. Have us come out and inspect your deck an make those vital repairs, we are waiting for your call.

Staining Your Deck

The stain penetrates the wood and gives it colorA nicely stained deck can make the difference between a good deck and an amazing wood deck. You invested a lot of work, time, and money to purchase a beach house on Galveston Island, Crystal Beach, Jamaica Beach, or Surfside Beach. The least you could do for just a little more money is protect your investment and give your wood deck the wow factor.

Do You Have Questions?

Give us a call and we will answer any questions that you have.
Give us a call and lets discuss your wood deck project and we can answer as many questions as you have. In the end we can build your wood deck on your Galveston Island beach house on budget and on time. We understand all the local building codes and have years of experience building on The Texas Gulf Coast. For more FAQs you can also email us using the secure form on this page.