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Do you have a great design for a wood deck on your Galveston Beach house?

wood deck design in Hitchcock TXIf you have a sketch of a deck you have designed and now need it built on your home just give us a call and we can engineer and build it for you. Allow us to work with you and we can bring your designer deck concept to life.

Good deck design begins with function and form followed up with solid construction techniques. We can take your design and make sure that it is built to pass all the local building codes and last a very long time.

We fix wood Decks

Repair of decks is an on-going event
The repair of your deck needs to be done with great detail to quality building techniques and to follow local Galveston County building codes. We want to make sure that your deck is completely safe and encourage you to contact us to do an inspection of your deck to identify any problems.

Stain your deck

Beautiful decks look great with a nice stain and seal job.After we have inspected your deck we will repair structural and decrotive details we can start the process of cleaning and stainng your wood deck. We can stain or paint any wood products on your beach house including your front door and fence.

Deck Stairs

Have us build you a custom set of stairs.The stairs on your deck can be a real safty hazard if not correctly built or if the are allowed to rot. We can come to your Galveston County Beach House and inspect your deck stairs and give you a Free estimat on repairing or replacing them.

Observation Decks

An observation deck allows you to see the entire beach.
If you enjoy just sitting on the deck and looking out over the beach then we can build and observation deck or pit group sitting area so you can have a very specific area to sit and enjoy the Galveston coast line.