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If your deck is looking a little neglected then call us to fix it.

Back yard patio deck with stair case in Bayou VistaEven the best built deck is no match for a car that takes out a piling or a falling tree. If your deck has been damaged or is just rotting due to age then give us a call and we will come out and inspect it to make sure it's safe. Once we identify all the problem areas we can give you a Free Quote to get it fixed.

Let us stain your deck

Deck stain will help protect your beach house deck and a good wood seal helps also.
After the completion of building or repairing your deck talk with us about stain and sealing your wood deck. The stain will uniformily give it a deep rich look or a natural color, your choice. In addition most wood deck stains also contain a wood sealant for a single application stain & seal process. A stained and sealed deck will out last an unstained deck in most every case.

A set of custom stairs would be nice.

Try a set of custom stairs on your decking project.A custom set of stairs from your deck can make an amazing impact on the look and feel. We can build a cascading multi-level staircase or maybe even a oval wide set of stairs going to a patio deck in which you can have a large gathering for a BBQ.

Check out our FAQs

Do you want to know more about deck construction building codes in Galveston County?You must have a lot of questions as it pertains to the construction of a wood deck on Galveston Island, Jamaica Beach, Crystal Beach, or Surfside Beach. The Building codes are quite different than typical mainland building practices and you should work with an experienced contractor like ourselves to build you a well built deck that looks good and passes inspection. Check out our FAQs.

Observation Decks

See whats happening on the beach from your personal observation deck.
One option that is commonly requested is a sitting area or observation deck. This is a place with some built in seating or an area where outdoor furniture can be place so you and your guest can rest and look out over the beach. Galveston Beaches are fantastic and you should take every opportunity to enjoy them.