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A well constructed Galveston Deck should be stained & sealed

Seaside Coastal Deck Construdtion and Repair.  We also stain wood decks.The stain will give your wood deck a rich deep color or a simple color wash depending on the look you are looking for. There are many techniques when it comes to staining wood but the end result is always the same, it looks fabulous.

The stains made for wood decks often serve as a stain and a wood protector or sealant. So if you would like to protect your deck against the hot sun, terencial downpours coming off the gulf, or the more than frequent seagull dropping you should ask us to seal your deck also.

Wood Deck Stairs

Custom stairs
The path to the deck itself is a treacherous path at some beach houses. You may need to build a boardwalk to go over the sand dunes and a series of stairs to access multiple levels of decks on your Galveston Beach House.

Give us a call and we can help you design a set of stairs for your new deck.

You have questions, we have answers.

faqsJust like any construction project it can be a significant expense having a new deck built. So we know you have a lot of questions about the products available to build your deck from and the way that it will be built. We ask that you refer to our FAQs and give us a call we are always happy to answer your questions.

A deck with a view

We can stain your look out observation deckTalk with us about adding an observation deck or pit group area with built in wood benches or maybe an entire outdoor kitchen. We would be happy to consult with you about the design of your new deck. An observation deck is usually a distinct area of a larger wooden deck that one can relax and look out over the beach and enjoy a simple and relaxed time.

Patio Decks

Ask us to stain your patio deck or platform deck.
A wood deck that is sitting directly on the ground that may only be 6" to 8" tall is a great place to host a BBQ. This type of deck typically does not have any handrails and it might only have a few steps if needed. Give us a call if you want a ground level deck for your backyard or underneath your beach house.