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Let us build you the best set of stairs your deck will ever see.

No deck is complete without a set of stairs.A well designed set of stairs is expected. If you have ever had a stairs that were poorly designed they can be difficult and even unsafe to walk up. The length and rise should be correct to give the optimal comfort for the users of the staircase. In addition the stair treads should also be wide enough for those with larger than normal feet as well. The final matter is they should look fantastic. Give us a call and we will build a code compliant set of stairs for your deck that meet all the requirements that you desire in a set of stairs.

Questions & Answers

Let us answer your questions
Give us a call and get the answers to all of your questions that you may have about building a deck or staircase at your beach house in Galveston, Jamaica Beach, Crystal Beach, or Surfside Beach.

Observation Decks in Galveston

staircase to your observation deckJust sit back and relax in your favorite deck chair on your newly constructed observation deck as you look out over Crystal Beach or maybe Surfside Beach. Where ever your beach house is we cover the entire Galveston County area.

Ground Level Decks

Platform decks may or may not have stairs.If you need a deck that is on the ground or a very low deck that is not elevated more than three feet we consider that to be a patio deck. This type of deck is perfect for a place in the yard or underneath the beach house for a shower or just a place to hang out.

Pictures of Wood Decks

Pictures of deck that are stained and finished.
We will add various pictures of projects that we do over time.