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FAQs - We will post new questions regularly

Question: What is the process for building a deck?

Answer: The first step is for us to inspect the job site and consult with you about your expectation and design requirement. After we have come to agreement on what the scope of work is going to cover we will put a quote together for you.

If everything is agreeable the contract is signed and we get a building permit and then begin to prepare the job site, pour the foundation footers, and then start construction as per the design requirements.

Question: What type of foundation will be used?

Answer: The type of foundation is completely dependent on the design of the deck and soil conditions. For example a simple ground level patio deck may be placed on concrete blocks as where a multi-level elevated deck will need serious footers and pilings as per the engineers specifications.

Question: What about bracing for hurricanes?

Answer: We will meet and beat all local building codes. Some common issues to follow is proper hurricane, ties, straps, and clips to tie all lumber together to form a singular unit for strength.