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Observe the beach from your deck in style.

A boardwalk leading to an observation deck.When we build your Jamaica Beach wood deck or a deck in Bayou Vista we can build a small area for you and a few friends to just sit and observe the sunrises and sunsets that the Texas Gulf Coast has to offer.

Need a deck in the backyard?

Build a platform deck for the backyard.
Look into having us build you a ground level patio deck for your summer get together. A patio deck is a great idea for a place to BBQ and outdoor get together. We can add some built in benches and some custom picnic tables and you have a real entertainment centerpiece.

Galveston County Deck Photos

Pictures of wood deckingWe are waiting to do your next project. We can build decks, patios, fences, pergolas, and most any outdoor structure. We are looking forward to showcasing your deck in our photo gallery. Use the form on this page to get a FREE ESTIMATE or just call us.

More about wood decks

Wood deck informationGive us a call and lets talk about your wood deck and the different design options available. The key thing about building wooden decks in Galveston County or anywhere on the Texas Gulf Coast is that it be engineered correctly and meet all coastal building codes. Building codes on coastline is more stringent than those of the mainland.

Beach House Decks

Call us to have a beach house built.
When building elevated decks that attach to your beach house it needs to be done right. Any deck higher than three foot above grade is subject to tougher building codes. Quite often out of town or mainland construction companies get these guidelines wrong which can lead to more expense from having to do it over or could lead to injury when you get a large gathering on your wood deck over looking the beach.