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Save money on a wood deck

Patio decks are budget wise.If you are on a budget talk to us about building you a pressure treated patio deck. A patio deck is at ground level and therefore there is no need for handrails and a lot of times stairs. This can be a beautiful platform to BBQ on and to entertain your friends and family.

Image Gallery

Pictures of platform and patio decks.
Take a look at some decks to give you some inspiration to design your new wood deck.

Decks in Galveston County

Wood is most often the material used to build ground level patio decks.We build quality wood decks in Galveston, Crystal Beach, Bayou Vista, Jamaica Beach, and Surfside Beach.

Beach House Decks

Inexpensive decks are available, ask us about patio decks.We can build a standard pressure treated deck or a highly stained and varnished deck that will amaze you. Give us a call and let's talk about it.

Replacing Deck Boards

we replace deck boards
It's a matter of time and you will want to refinish or replace your deck boards. We can do either depending on the condition of the decking on your deck now.