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A wood deck is a welcoming place to entertain

Wood deck construction in Galveston, TXIf you are looking for a place to be by the sand but not in it, call us to build a wooden deck on your beach home. We can build multiple levels, custom stairways, boardwalks to the beach, and platform/patio decks.

Decks On Your Beach House

Wood Deck Construction in Jamaica Beach
When we build a deck on your home we will consult with you and when we fully understand your needs and wants we will give you a FREE ESTIMATE and follow up on further questions. When you decide to go with us we will pull all needed building permits and manage the project from beginning to end.

Replace your Decking

Wood Deciking solutionsin Surfside BeachSometimes your older deck if perfectly fine structurally except the deck boards. We can remove your deck boards and replace them with new decking at vast savings over building a completely new deck. If you want we can even stain and seal your new deck boards to match the rest of your deck.

We are Deck Builders

Crystal Beach wood deck builders80 percent of our business is building wood decks in Galveston County. If we are on a remodeling job we usually end up repairing or building a new deck. We have the experience to plan, design, and build your wood deck on Galveston Island.

Do You Need Deck Cleaning?

Bayou Vista wood deck construction company
Unless you just built your deck it most likely needs a good cleaning. In addition after cleaning your deck it will most likely need to be stained and sealed as well. Give us a call to discuss cleaning your deck. You will be amazed at what a difference cleaning makes.